Hockey Commands

Command is another technique which is used by the players in hockey. Using commands players pass and maneuver between players on the opposite team simultaneously communicating with the rest of the team about what they are doing or planning to do. The main strategy is that the opponent team should not understand what they are communicating. There are a number of universal phrases in commands:

Through or strait: The term is used when player wants to pass the ball to another team mate.

Drop: this phrase is used when a player wants to pass the ball backward.

Up or through: when a player wishes to pass the ball on a specific angle.

Flat or Square: this phrase is used when a player wants to pass the ball on 90 degree angle right or left.

A lot of practice is the sole method to develop these techniques. Before engaging in a serious professional game, it is necessary to pass through a hard drill of different skills. When a new player joins a new team, it takes a certain amount of time before the new player learns the team's commands. It is very important for the proper co-ordination of the team in the field to know the commands properly.



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