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Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey is a sport where there is a high probability of collision between players with increased chances of injuries. Therefore players are suited with specialized equipments in order to facilitate the game of ice hockey and also to ensure protection of the players while playing this game. Injuries are a part of this game. The hard surface of the ice, pucks being shot at high velocities for more than 100 kilometers per hour is hazardous.

Sometimes players collide with each other, which is a part of the game called checking. It is very essential that the ice hockey players are equipped with multiple safety gears to minimize risks. These safety gears include – helmet, elbow pads, shoulder pads, mouth guard , heavily padded shorts, protective gloves , shin pads, chest protector, jock-athletic protector, and a neck guard. Goaltenders require special protection so they wear masks, and a heavier specialized equipment to give protection from the direct assault of the pucks.

Field Hockey

The history of hockey dates back to 4,000 years back. The equipment at that time was not as sophisticated as they are now. Equipment for the game of hockey has evolved overtime as per the requirement. Hockey is an interesting game for both players and audience. Players need to have certain equipment whether in a professional or recreational game of hockey.

Two hundred years ago balls were made from leathers which got affected by moisture on the ground and thus affecting the game as a whole. Today, balls are made up of PVC or polyvinyl chloride, which are not affected by moisture. There are several rules and regulations governing hockey equipment. There have been certain controversies in the use of equipment. Sometimes a player's equipment can injure another player. The weight and measurement of the equipment is determined by rules of the game. Let us discuss about the equipment used in the game of hockey.

Goaltending equipment in ice hockey

Goalies are permitted to have special variations on the equipments used in ice hockey. This is done mainly to help them in stopping the puck and also to ensure special protection. They give more protection from frontal impact, while giving almost no protection to the goalie’s back. This is simply because the goalie has to face the action and hitting a non-padded area is a mistake committed...


Description of the key equipment used in ice hockey

The equipment used by the regular ice hockey players are as follows: Helmet combo This is made of a helmet with a strap. You can use a face cage, visor and a mouth guard. These ensure the safety of the players heads. These helmets come in different sizes. They are composed of vinyl nitrile. Helmets are an indispensable part of ice hockey. The modern helmets are accompanied with a visor. This giv...


History of the equipments used in ice hockey

The skates used for ice hockey in the past had only metal blades fastened to regular shoes. The sticks were simply thin fragments of wood till the 1930s. In 1897, G.H Merritt introduced goalie pads after wearing the pads of the wicket keeper. The players wore simple leather gloves, till a goalie from Detroit introduced the trapper and blocker sometime in 1948. This he did after experimenting wit...


Hockey Stick and Ball

A player needs a stick to play the game of hockey. The hockey stick is a major equipment in the game of hockey without which a hockey game is not possible. A hockey stick is curved on one end. It is round on one side and flat on the other. A player has to hit the ball only with the flat side of the stick. A hockey stick has a bow along its length. This bow cannot be more than 25 mm as per the ru...


Other Hockey Equipment

There are other pieces of equipment used by the players in hockey. They include shoes and several types of gear for goalkeepers. A goalkeeper has to wear most protective equipment as he is most prone to the risk of injury. His equipment includes a helmet and full face cage. He needs to wear a neck protector and a padded chest guardto protect the chest when a speeding ball hit him. Chest guards a...


Hockey Gloves and shoes

A lot of risks of serious injuries persist in hockey. So, certain equipment is necessary for players to protect themselves. These include gloves, helmet, mask and shin guards, and more. Errant sticks and balls may injure a player's hands. So, gloves are necessary. Additionally gloves make stronger grip on the stick. Some companies make gloves with heavy pad with foam which protects the bones...


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