Hockey Gloves and shoes

A lot of risks of serious injuries persist in hockey. So, certain equipment is necessary for players to protect themselves. These include gloves, helmet, mask and shin guards, and more. Errant sticks and balls may injure a player's hands. So, gloves are necessary. Additionally gloves make stronger grip on the stick. Some companies make gloves with heavy pad with foam which protects the bones of fingers from injury. Some gloves are designed not to protect fingers. Shin guards protect the shins of the player when swinging of a hockey stick occurs just a few inches off the ground. Shin guards are made of foam and plastic. A few years back shin guards were made of wood and folded paper. Nowadays they are made with plastic covering a foam pad.

Hockey also allows mouth guards to protect the teeth of players. Mouth guards protect teeth, eyes, forehead and nose. It is highly important equipment for the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper bears the brunt of the rest of the opposing team. Good shoes are necessary to make a firm grip on the ground. Good sports shoes are light in weight and have a firm griping sole. There are no specific shoes meant for hockey, average sports shoes are perfectly suitable. Shoes however need to have a good grip in order to effectively move with the ball. Hockey teams like other games involve players wearing matching jerseys, that make it easy to pass balls between the players of the same team.



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