Description of the key equipment used in ice hockey


The equipment used by the regular ice hockey players are as follows:

  • Helmet combo
    This is made of a helmet with a strap. You can use a face cage, visor and a mouth guard.  These ensure the safety of the players heads. These helmets come in different sizes. They are composed of vinyl nitrile. Helmets are an indispensable part of ice hockey. The modern helmets are accompanied with a visor. This gives protection to the upper part of the face. Goalies wear a face cage which gives complete protection of the frontal face. 
  • Neck guard
    This assists in prevention of injury to the neck and throat area from sticks, skates, pucks. It is however optional as it leads to restriction of the neck movement.  These are worn by both the goalies as well as players. They are composed of durable material that can absorb different types of trauma. 
  • Shoulder Pads
    These pads offer protection to the upper body – collar bone, upper chest, upper arms, back from flying pucks and collisions. Their compositions help in absorbing shock and protect the players from injury. 
  • Elbow pads
    These give forearm and triceps protection. These are essential for all ice hockey players. These pads give protection to the elbow joints and also the ram bones from bruises and also prevents fractures. 
  • Hockey gloves
    It prevents the thumb from bending backwards. They give substantial padding to the exterior of the hands. 
  • Hockey pants
    These are shorts that have thigh, hip, pelvic and tailbone pads. They are generally held up by suspenders or belts. 



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