Finer points of the game


The ice hockey is played with six players including five skaters and one goal tender. There are three forwards the center, left wing and the right wing. The center leads the attack by taking the puck on the offensive. He exchanges passes with the two wings to take the puck towards the opposing goal. During his defensive role, he tries to disrupt the play before the puck comes to his defensive side. On defense, the wingers try to break up the attack and pass the puck to the forward players. 

To be a better skater and thereby a better player, one needs to follow certain techniques which are peculiar to ice hockey.

  • Posture - Posture helps keep balance. Balance is crucial in ice hockey. It creates power in the movements. 
  • Keeping the head up is important
  • Avoid looking at the ice in front instead looking at the top of the boards is recommended.
  • Avoid bending at the waist, instead bending at the knees and ankles makes a better skating position.
  • The ball of your feet, knee and the shoulder should all be lined up vertically Stride. Key to a good play in ice hockey is to take long, powerful strides. Skaters who are fast take fewer strides over same distance. The entire blade of the skate should be on ice for the entire length of your stride. At the end of the stride, stretch the working leg as far behind as it can.



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