Goaltending equipment in ice hockey


Goalies are permitted to have special variations on the equipments used in ice hockey. This is done mainly to help them in stopping the puck and also to ensure special protection. They give more protection from frontal impact, while giving almost no protection to the goalie’s back. This is simply because the goalie has to face the action and hitting a non-padded area is a mistake committed by the goalie. 

  • Goal stick
    It has a larger blade than the sticks of the regular players and a flat shaft which is broad. This is used to block the puck. 
  • Goal skates
    It has a thicker blade with the radius of the blade being larger. There is minimum ankle support which helps the goalie to slide off his skates and make pad stops at ease. The boot is nearer the surface of the ice than a normal hockey skate to stop pucks from slipping through the area between the skate blade and the boot. 
  • Cheat and arm protector
    This protects the chest and the elbow, biceps, forearm from injury. The area for protection extends up to the abdomen.
  • Blocker
    It is worn on the hands that holds the stick. It is a kind of gloves. 
  • Goal pants
    This offers thick padding and an additional hip protection, but minimal groin safeguard.
  • Goal pads and goal socks are especially designed to offer protection to the goalie.

A goalie is the lifeline of the game of ice hockey. He needs special protection to keep the show going. 



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